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Financial Incentives for Business

Government-supported financial incentives for businesses to start saving money and go green.

Renewable Energy Certificates

Renewable Energy Certificates are commonly known as gov rebates. These certificates work to subsidise the cost of a solar system. Any quote from a solar company will have this rebate already applied. In 2017, this is a discount of about $580 per kW or 19 certificates per kW (depending on the area of installation). The number of certificates issued declines by 7.1% each year. While not actually a rebate per se, as the finance doesn't actually come from the governments.

Feed in Tariffs

If your network provider allows you to export the electricity generated from your solar system, a feed-in tariff may be secured from your energy retailer (typically around $0.06/kWh).

Tax Benefits

While the solar system works to offset your electricity expenses, you can pick the financing option best suited for your financial statements.

Payment options

Purchase Outright

Maximises ROI

Purchasing the system outright minimises the payback period and maximises your return on investment.


  • Ownership from day one
  • Depreciation


  • Requires full capital expenditure upfront
  • Full maintenance and operations responsibility
  • Assumes electricity rates will not go down


Ensures cashflow

Financing through a loan facility provides fixed repayments and tax benefits.


  • Little to no capital investment upfront
  • Simple, fixed monthly payments
  • Fixed Year Term, Depreciation & Interest Expense


  • Monthly payments may exceed energy savings
  • Full maintenance and operations responsibility
  • Assumes electricity rates will not go down

Power Purchasing Agreement

For zero risk

Lower your electricity costs immediately with limited risk and no impact on your financial statements.


  • Little to no capital investment upfront
  • Lower electricity costs only pay for what you use
  • Fixed year term & fixed 20% off electricity rates
  • After PPA, own the system & get full saving
  • No maintenance or operations


  • Longer term contract
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