Sustainable energy for your business.

We are committed to making solar energy more accessible for all by importing and wholesale the best solar products to help reduce emissions and energy costs for everyday Australians.

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Why going solar with BSG?

There are hundreds of solar installers around Australia but what makes Blue Sun Group so great?

Approved Solar Retailer Clean Energy Council Member

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CEC Accredited Installer

Our experienced electricians are all Clean Energy Council Accredited, Master Electrician accredited and AS/NZS 4777 compliant.

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Tier 1 Panels

We only supply Clean Energy Council approved products that are AS/NZS 4777 compliant. Amongst our brand selection, you’ll find the best brands in the industry such as Jinko and Trina.

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AS/NZS 4777 Compliant Inverters

Whatever your needs, our inverters give you the performance and monitoring you need for your site, for time to come.

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Manufacturer Spec Compliant

In order to secure your warranty, solar systems need to be installed according to their specification. We always follow the manufacturer, CEC and Australian guidelines when installing our products.

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Interval Data Analysis

Interval data is a 15min or 30min breakdown of your electricity usage. We gather this data and overlay it with your solar system generation so you can be certain of your savings.

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Upsized Solar Array

Pesky solar salesmen will try to sell you a large inverter with a smaller array. We strive to do the opposite, your solar panel array will be up to 1.33x larger then your inverter, maximising system performance.

Our standard warranties

Additional warranty coverage available on request

Manufacturer Panel warranty

Manufacturer Inverter warranty

Workmanship warranty

Manufacturer Panel Performance warranty

Your complete guide to solar

What, Why & How? Your questions, answered.

What is solar?

Is solar the right option for my business?

How to connect to solar?

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our services

Our services

We offer a wide range of services to help you install more solar.

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