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About Solar

Everything You Need To Know

How Solar Works



Solar panels capture sunlight and converts it into Direct Current (DC).



The Inverter transforms Direct Current (DC) generated from the panels into Alternating Current (AC).

AC is the power you use in your home. Any excess electricity generated is fed into the grid or into a battery.


Battery Storage

Any excess electricity that your solar system generates can be stored for use when the sun isn’t shining.



Utility meter measures the amount of energy drawn from the grid & the amount of energy fed into the grid.


Grid Export

The electricity grid receives any excess electricity generated from your solar system. This appears as a credit on your next energy bill.

If you require more electricity than what is being generated from your solar system, the electricity is drawn from the grid.

Your local utility provider specifies the amount of electrcity that can be exported to the grid at any one time.

Solar System Components

Solar Panels

Solar panel arrays are the most expensive part of the system. Often making up around 55% of the total system price. They are also the most robust component with many reputable manufacturers offering 10yr replacement warranties and the panels lasting long after that.

Download The CEC Approved Solar Panel List


The inverter is the second most expensive part of the system. It often makes up 30% of the system price. It normally has a warrantable life of 10yrs. It must be placed away from direct sunlight to maximise its life.


Solar panels are mounted onto rails and these rails are fixed onto the roof with brackets. These brackets are screwed into the roof using the roof's existing rivets, so that no new holes are created on the roofs. The mounting kits change depending on whether the roof is tin or tile. Other mounting options are available on request.


The solar panels are connected into a series. DC cables are then run from the panels to the inverters. AC cables are then run from the switchboard to the meter. The longer the run to the meter, the more expensive this becomes. Cable trays can be included with your install upon request.

Size Up Your System

Array Size

100 kW

Panel Efficiency


Number of Panels

563 sq. m.

Roof Space



(Solis 30kW)

400 kWh

Electricity Generated

Per Day

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