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About Solar

Everything You Need To Know

Right For You?

Some of the questions we work through to design your solar system and see if it's right for you.

How much electricity do you use?
What are the patterns of your energy usage?
How much are you paying per kWh?
Is your meter capable?
Is your roof suitable?

The Ideal Roof


Roof size affects the amount of panels that can be installed on the roof. With limited roof space, to reach certain sizes, higher efficiency (and more expensive) panels may need to be installed.


The roof must be able to hold the load of the panels. At ~20kg a panel, it cannot be placed on pergolas or patios.


In the southern hemisphere, roof aspects facing north get the most sunlight and efficiency. Roof aspects facing east, get sunlight earlier in the day (later if west facing) with a little performance drop. Roof aspects facing south see a 20%-30% drop in performance.


Long leases or complete ownership of the building makes a solar system investment most attractive. However, Power Purchasing Agreements are available to mitigate the owner cost/leasee benefit problem.

Shade Free Roof

Without optimisers, any shadows from trees will destroy the generation of an entire string of panels. Therefore, the solar panels will only be placed on parts of the roof where there is no shading at anytime of the day.

Tight Rivets

The tightness of the existing rivets determine how closely the rows of solar panels can be fit together - this is because we do not drill any new holes into the roof during installation. We use the existing rivets.

Asbestos Free

As a matter of health and safety, our electricians will not install on roofs with asbestos roof tiles.


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