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Everything You Need To Know

Benefits of Solar

There are many great reasons to go solar. We've compiled everything you need to know about solar to get across solar and get a system on your premises.

Immediate Reduction On Your Electricity Bill

Solar systems produce electricity throughout the day, offseting your peak electricity load from the grid. This is what lowers your electricity cost.

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

In Australia, the bulk of energy generation consists of coal generators. Installing solar reduces the electricty demand of the power network and this reduces the amount of coal burned, reducing your environmental footprint.

Hedge Against Future Electricity Price Rises

A solar system levelises the cost of your electricity. This means that any future increase to electricty rates, increases the financial return of your solar system.

Cool The Building Down With Shading On The Roof

Solar panels reflect light off your roof and this reflectivity can reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the roof space. Which can reduce air conditioner demand and keep you cool.

Boost Your Property Value

Purchasing a solar system outright may boost the value of a property.

Financial Incentives for Business

Government supported financial incentives for businesses to start saving money and go green.

Renewable Energy Certificates
(Incorrectly known as the gov rebate)

These certificates work to subsidise the cost of a solar system. Any quote from a solar company will have this rebate already applied. At 2017, this is a discount of about $580 per kW or 19 certificates per kW (depending on the area of installation). The number of certificates issued declines by 7.1% each year. While not actually a rebate per se, as the finance doesn’t actually come from the government.

Feed In Tariffs

If your network provider allows you to export the electricity generated from your solar system, a feed-in tariff may be secured from your energy retailer (typically around $0.06/kWh).

Tax Benefits

While the solar system works to offset your electricity expenses, you can pick the financing option best suited for your financial statements.


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